What the Dog Saw


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What the Dog Saw is the story of a troubled boy as seen through the eyes of his ageing Labrador, Baxter. While there is much that Baxter sees that worries him, there are also moments of humour and joy.

Baxter loves playing with his boy and is always ready to listen to him, but he also worries about his boy, and wonders if even the loyalty and friendship of a Labrador will be enough to help him. Baxter’s observations provide a unique perspective on his boy’s battle with mental illness.

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Mark Worthing




152mm x 229mm




Morning Star Publishing

About the author

Mark Worthing is an author and lives with his family on a small farm in the Adelaide Hills. His recent works include Graeme Clark. The Man Who Invented the Bionic Ear (Allen&Unwin 2015), Phantastes. George MacDonald’s Classic Fantasy Novel retold (Stone Table Books, 2016), and Martin Luther. A Wild Boar in the Lord’s Vineyard (Morning Star Publishing, 2017).

2 reviews for What the Dog Saw

  1. Doris Zagdanski (author of ‘Teenagers and Grief’ and ‘Now that the Funeral is Over’)

    Everybody who is sad, lonely and misunderstood needs a dog like Baxter, because ‘a dog always knows his boy, even if his boy doesn’t know himself’. This endearing story will make you smile, cry, think and learn. A must read! –

  2. Valerie Volk (poet and author of In Due Season”, ‘Peaches’ and ‘Bystanders’)

    What the Dog Saw views from a surprising perspective a difficult topic – the suicide of a much-loved son. The approach is gentle and tender, without sentimentality. It offers a deeply moving way of opening the subject for discussion not only with younger people, but with anyone who wishes to understand and deal with the intense pain of such loss.

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