Understanding the Iglesia Ni Cristo


What They Really Believe and How They Can Be Reached

By:Anne C. Harper
Publisher:Wipf and Stock
Dimensions:152mm x 229mm

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– Does the Iglesia ni Cristo really teach that their building will go up in the rapture?
– Do they use coercive methods to make sure their members give at least a tithe of their income to the church?
– Have confrontational methods of evangelism been effective in reaching them?
– Is there a better way?
The answers to these and other questions may surprise you.

In this groundbreaking and meticulously researched new book, evangelical scholar
Dr. Anne Harper, who, with her husband, George, is a Manila based missionary with Action
International Ministries. describes the history, teachings, growth and development of the
Iglesia ni Cristo since its founding in 1914 and explains why this group has endured for the
last 100 years and why it will not likely fade away.

Unlike other evangelical publications, Dr. Harper treats the Iglesia ni Cristo with respect and kindness, while being careful not to agree with or endorse their teachings. Thoroughly documented, yet highly readable, this book will go a long way to removing the false stereotypes that many born again Christians have of this group and challenges to rethink our attitudes towards them and respond in a biblical manner.
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Dimensions 229 x 152 mm



Anne C. Harper


Wipf and Stock


152mm x 229mm