Giving Account of Faith and Hope in Africa


By:John Samuel Pobee
Publisher:Wipf and Stock
Dimensions:178mm x 254mm

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What is African theology? What are its distinctive traits and characteristics, modes of investigation, and style of expression? Can African theology reach wider and run deeper than simple propositional articulation? What concerns and special circumstances have shaped its outlook? What unique burdens or hurdles imposed by the past must African theology surmount? What challenges and opportunities lie before it?
What are African theology’s prospects? As a field of Christian engagement, is it condemned to be only an appendage to theology imported from the West and the North? Or does it have a distinctive contribution to make and gifts to share, not just within the continent of Africa, but also with the Christian world at large? These questions exercise the mind and soul of the African church.
A worthy capstone to a lifetime of service as a theologian, educator, and ecumenical leader, this volume offers John Samuel Pobee’s considered and mature reflections on issues he raised nearly forty years ago when he published Toward an African Theology.

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Dimensions 254 x 178 mm



John Samuel Pobee


Wipf and Stock


178mm x 254mm