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New edition of important book on ministry

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Dancing in the Dark, Graham Buxton.

As we engage in Christian ministry, we are summoned to participate as grace-filled faith communities in the triune God’s immeasurably loving and healing work in the world, leading those who are in darkness into an awareness of the God who imparts life in all its glorious abundance, that which is so . . . and a journey into the mystery of that which is to come. The liberating ministry of the gospel is both a declaration and an invitation–an invitation to the dance!

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Reading with Jews, Christians and Muslims


A Stranger is Calling, Anton Wessels.

Abraham, the father of all believers, plays host to three strangers, one of whom is God, and thus sets an example for others to follow.
Jews, Christians, and Muslims often treat each other as strangers. Their Holy Books are not the cause of their conflicts and enmity but rather show the way to solve them. They tell a common story of the lifelong journey of the human being to the promised city, the promised land, and the promised world where justice and righteousness reign.

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Wild West fiction with a spiritual edge


Ken Abell’s Deacon Coburn series is a ‘starkly real examination of spirituality and mysticism meeting at the crossroads of faith in the unknowable.’ For fans of Westerns and Cormac McCarthy, Abell is ‘a storyteller of rare foresight and scope.’
‘With a heart toward heaven and boots firmly grounded in the dust of the Old West, Coburn is a light of hope and redemption to troubled souls, even while haunted by his past.’